Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oracle SOA 11g Memory Requirements

For folks interested in installing Oracle SOA Suite 11g, please read this to check if your desktop/laptop is suitable.

I installed the Oracle SOA Suite 11g on my new laptop which has Windows Vista on a 4GB RAM. I profiled the memory hike on the start of each service. Here it is
  • When windows started up(only basic services)  with OracleXE as Service: 39%
  • Started Oracle JDeveloper 11g : 47%
  • Started Oracle Weblogic Console : 66%
  • Started Node Manager : 69%
  • Started SOA Serve : 87%
If you plan to open a Office software or run other SOA Services like BAM then this machine crawls. You may want to plan for at least 6GB RAM. If not, you will end up watching the TaskManager every minutes to see f you can kill any process .

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  1. Hi Chandu, My desktop is having only 2 GB then I need to procure a new Laptop or Desktop with at least 4 to 6 GB ram then.